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Interior Basement Waterproofing
Exterior Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing/Interior Channel Drain Systems

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Here we are installing mold proof interior basement wall panels


And the finished product!




Here is a failed basement system:

Note landscaping above the waterproofing membrane. No protection board, no gravel or 57 stone. Footing Drain pitch improperly completed, and there is a clogged footing drain. The result?

A leaky basement.

If your basement walls are looking like this, you have an upcoming problem...

Interior Channel Drain System

Interior Channel Drain System and 4'' slotted footing pipe

Interior Channel Drain System and Vapor Lock Barrier

Interior Channel drain and sump-pump system. Lifetime warranty!

Interior Channel Drain System

Epoxy Injection Systems


Notice where the epoxy is injected

Exterior Systems


We can do what has to be done to make sure water does not get into your basement.


Putting the pieces back together.




Exterior basement water proofing

Below grade waterproofing exterior dig-up, membrane drainage board footing drain.

Below grade waterproofing exterior footing drain

Below grade waterproofing

1. Membrane
2. Hydraulic Cement
3. Drainage mat
4. 4" slotted French drain
5. 57Stone (filter system)

Below grade, under foundation drain field

Basement waterproofing new construction membrane footing drain.


Below grade waterproofing membrane/footing drain.

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