Foundation Repairs
Foundation Repairs are our specialty. From a bowed wall, to a stressed foundation wall, we have a solution for you.

Foundation Repair, before...

During...Steel beam underpinning system

And After

Structural Foundation Repair, failed basement wall, before...

During total tear-out and rebuild with extra reinforcement.

And after.


Complete foundation repair








Foundation Basement Repair, before...

And after. Interior concrete beams and steel. You never knew we'd been there!

Stiff-backs bolted to foundation footings

Cracked, bowed block walls, stiff-back
I-beams bolted to floor system and concrete footing.


Steel Repair inserted into block wall at 3200 psi. Concrete pumped into hollow wall creating solid steel concrete wall.


Exterior tie-back system--from the outside...

And from the inside...

Interior Pressure Grout high strength concrete pumped into block wall with inserted rebar


Bowed walls, reinforcement system, installation of rebar and pressure grout concrete

Steel I Beam bolted to concrete footing, floor joists

Here is the rebuilding of a complete basement wall in a home in Marietta, built in 1898.

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